About ChannelMOGO

What is ChannelMOGO?

ChannelMOGO is a portal for young people, aged 13 - 19 (up to 25 with a learning difficulty and/or disability) who live or go to school in Hertfordshire.

Powered byYouth Connexions herts

ChannelMOGO is powered by Youth Connexions (part of Hertfordshire County Council's Services for Young People) and is one of the ways you can access information on a wide variety of services in Herts online. 

Important! Allow pop-up windows in your browser's tool bar for the site to work.

What's the difference between ChannelMOGO and Youth Connexions?

ChannelMOGO is a portal that brings together lots of services and useful websites for young people in Hertfordshire and Youth Connexions is one of those services. Find out about Youth Connexions here.

How do I use this portal?

The portal acts as a 'channel' that signposts you to local services as well as other useful websites through the buttons on the ChannelMOGO pages. Did we mention? Allow pop-up windows for ChannelMOGO in your browser's tool bar for the buttons to work.

What's the aim of this portal?

The aim is for you to find what you're looking for quickly and easily and to have the most searched local services all in one place, online.

To help you see what the services are, when you hover your mouse over a button, an explanation message will appear.

What kind of stuff is on ChannelMOGO?

You can find everything on here from latest job vacancies to advice drop in centres, travel services, youth projects, events and opportunities, music, media, games, performing arts and much more. See the main categories below:

Jobs and Careers - I&A - no info Get Involved

MUSIC - landing page Media - landing what's on button Advice and information for young people in Herts

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Where did the name ChannelMOGO come from?

When the site was set up, a group of teenagers decided on the name ChannelMOGO with the MOGO part meaning: Moving On, Greater Opportunities - in Hertfordshire.

What's the difference between a picture button, and a colour button?

The buttons that have pictures on them guide you to internal pages on ChannelMOGO, while the buttons that have a plain colour are external links, going to other websites.


How can I find out about local news for me?

By following the mogolistings twitter feed, you can get daily updates on all the latest events happening near you. Plus, get daily news and chat to us on our social media sites - have a peek:

 Twitter youtube

I still have a question about ChannelMOGO…

Get in touch with us at: channelmogo@hertfordshire.gov.uk


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